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Venison Processing Addition to Processing Fee:
Summer Sausage:
(All Summer Sausages are ordered in 3lb. increments)
- Traditional Summer
- "Grandpa Joe's" Recipe
- Garlic Summer
- Gently Seasoned with Garlic Jalapeno & Cheddar Cheese (summer)
- Spicy Pepperoni (summer) - let dry & great for pizza & snack trays
- Whole Muscle (take only from large muscles)
- Ground Jerky (this product will shrink 50%, price is based on starting weight)

Breakfast Sausage:
(Sausage that will make the house smell good!)
- Bulk Breakfast Sausage (1lb. package)
- Link Breakfast (16 links per pound)
- Maple Breakfast Links (Made with pure maple syrup)
- Venison Bacon (Sliced to order & 1lb. package)
Smoked Sausage:
- Smoked Brats (4/1 size)
- Smoked Polish (4/1 size)
- Smoked Bologna (1lb. rings)
- Venison Hot Dogs (8/1 size)
- Smoked Italian (1lb. package)
Snack Sticks:
(Our famous flavors in 8" sticks - sold in 5lb. bags - no exceptions)
- Mild Sticks
- Spicy Sticks
- Mild with Cheddar Cheese
- Spicy with Hot Pepper Cheese
- Maple Sticks
- Teriyaki Sticks
- Hot Dago Sticks
- Jalapeno with Cheddar Cheese
Fresh Sausage:
- Bulk Italian (1lb. package)
- Link Italian (1lb. package 4/1 size)
- Bulk Hot Dago (1lb. package)
- Fresh Brats (1lb. package 4/1 size)